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Oct 08 2015

Forwarding is a number of services for door-to-door cargo escorting. When concluding a forwarding service agreement the customer actually transfers all obligations for arrangement and carrying out of cargo transportation to the forwarding agent. The motor transportation, which the forwarding agreement is made for, is often connected to valuable items, cultural property, hazardous or bulky cargo and the preparation of documents in this case requires special forms and arrangements. Being aware of cargo specifications and its peculiarities the forwarding agent chooses the most appropriate type of vehicle. The forwarding agent also has to prepare the supporting documents, to effect insurance and to prepare other necessary documents. Taking into account the periods set by the customer and all nuances referring to loading and shipment the forwarding agent plans the route. When it is necessary to cross borders the agent is engaged in customs clearance and processing. In other words the forwarding agent takes upon itself the obligations of cargo owner, the only difference is that being aware of logistics and transportation elements and having necessary business relations the forwarding agent helps to optimize the whole process.

The professional cargo forwarding helps to arrange the transportation of any cargo within tight deadlines as the cargo forwarding is a component of transport logistics. These are cargo forwarding services, which help the customer to perceive the expression “time is money” in practice. To arrange the cargo delivery quickly and cheaply is a slogan of forwarding agents of Tirofol SRL Forwarding Company.

In case of export-import cargo transportation an issue of customs processing and clearance arises, it becomes often a problem. The Tirofol SRL Forwarding Company will perform the customs clearance for you within a short period of time as our company has a vast experience in border-crossing operations. Our specialists can also give you competent consultations connected to customs clearance.