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Oct 08 2015

Many different obstacles, for instance low power lines and bridges, unsafe parts of road, poor condition of roads, etc. can be encountered during the transportation. However, the forwarding company has to settle these issues before arranging the transportation of out-of-gauge cargo. Many problems can be settled by choosing a right route and making up a detailed schedule of out-of-gauge cargo transportation. It is worth keeping in mind that preparation of documents is required for out-of-gauge cargo transportation and this process takes a week or some months depending on the degree of cargo bulkiness and route.

The cargo carriage is seldom connected to transportation of hazardous cargo. There are cargo hazard classes up to 9 ADR. The conditions of such cargo transportation require special safety measures and extreme care during the loading and transportation. The failure to comply with the requirements set can create situations hazardous for a big number of people and for the ecological state of many areas. The service of hazardous cargo transportation is a quite responsible part of our service and every professional forwarding agent strictly classifies the hazardous cargo types as it realizes that the errors in this sphere are inadmissible.

The Company Tirofol SRL is therefore ready to arrange for you the out-of-gauge cargo transportation at top level.